Known to captivate and connect with people as a relevant, transparent, and transformational speaker, Teresa Renee propels her audience to action by challenging them to break through mindsets, attitudes, and self-sabotaging behaviors in order to have the life they love, and the love they desire.  She is an award-winning speaker with over 15 years of public speaking experience from conferences to the classroom, pageants to churches, radio and television.

Engaging the audience with powerful storytelling, group participation, and sharing practical strategies, Teresa’s impartation sparks positive change, evokes personal transformation, and equips people for success in their personal lives and in their relationships!

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Speaking Testimonials. . .

“Transparent and Transformational! I am empowered to go to the next level in my business and calling!” – Celi Marie Dean, International Speaker & Confidence Builder

“I really enjoyed the sessions. They really touched me where I currently am. After hearing you speak, I am ready to become who God has called me to be; a better woman and a wife.” – Sara Watkins, Singles Workshop Attendee

“Loved it! You kept it hype the entire time. Very inspirational! I am empowered to be the greatest I can be now.” – Courtney T., Youth Empowerment Break-out Session Attendee

Hello Event Planners, College Administrators, and Ministry Coordinators:

Thank you for your interest in booking me to speak at your upcoming event. My signature speaking topics are listed below along with a brief overview of what your audience will learn and gain as a result of our time together.


Speaking Topics

Launch Your Love Dreams

Positioned To Be Found

Many women dream of a long-lasting relationship with a man that melts their heart like chocolate under the beaming sun. Be encouraged knowing that life and love dreams do come true! Teresa will share how women can prepare and position themselves for the love of their dreams and be found a woman worth pursuing and keeping so they can have the love they deserve!

What Your Audience Will Learn:

  • How to prepare for marriage before “the ring”
  • How to attract Mr. Right and never fall for the wrong one again
  • How to get out of their own way and avoid common love-barriers
  • The top 3 ways to make their dreams reality


Be Successful in Life and Relationships

Successful singles maximize their lives before a man walks into their world. It’s important for women to be an asset and not a liability. Being successfully single is a way of life and women should enjoy this season knowing that their fulfillment isn’t based on their relationship status alone. It’s often said that success is when preparation meets opportunity. With this premise in mind, Teresa will share her 7-step Successfully Single Formula.

What Your Audience Will Learn:

  • The top 3 reasons being single should be celebrated
  • The exact success-formula many women have used that put an end to their singleness shortly after
  • Why becoming an asset helps them avoid dead-end relationships
  • 7 steps to living a free, fulfilled, and fearless life prior to marriage


Be Fearless and Be Successful

Everyone has been placed in this world with purpose, on purpose, for a great purpose. More often than not, we sit back, shrink up, and push our dreams and purpose aside while waiting for the ‘perfect time’ to walk it out due to fear. Truth is, now is the right time. Now is the time to take the leap of faith and dive into what really excites and motivates you. It’s time to kick fear to the curb and release your the gifts, talents, ideas, brilliance, and power that is within so you can leave your mark in the world and impact others lives forever! After this presentation, faith, freedom, and fulfillment will rise up and allow the audience to walk fearlessly in greatness!

What Your Audience Will Learn:

  • How to kick fear to the curb and hit the ground running toward greatness
  • 3 reasons why it’s essential for them crush self-sabotaging thoughts
  • Why being a visionary leads to victorious living
  • The one thing every successful person needs


15 Must-Know Tips for Freshman Girls

The first year of college is one to remember! College is the place where you grow, make fond memories, and prepare for your future. It’s full of studying, socializing, and for some, lots of sex…and this is why somebody’s got to ‘school’ the freshmen so they can survive the semesters, successfully make the Dean’s List, and balance the books and boys without becoming “fresh-meat!”

What Your Audience Will Learn:

  • The foolproof way to have fun, keep studies first and find ‘boo’ who will be true
  • How to make some buck$ and beef up your resume
  • How to be the girl every wants, but not everyone had
  • The power of relationships with people other than your peers


Let’s Get Naked: Transparent Transformation

Have you ever seen a woman whose style is sharp from head to toe? Makeup done, lip stick poppin’, eyebrows on fleek, high fashion outfit, and heels to match? I’m sure you’ve seen her, and it’s likely you are her. Whether you slay everyday, get dressed in your Sunday’s best once a week, or put on a smile every day, your looks are interpretted as success and happiness. Many women appear to have it all together, but in reality they are wearing a mask. Hiding secret hurts, offenses, regrets, fears, and others that you don’t even want to mention. Women of all ages and demographics can relate! It’s time to let it go, and let it out. Let’s get honest. Let’s take off the mask. Heal and be real– so not only will you look good, but feel good and BE truly happy!

What Your Audience Will Learn:

  • 3 ways to get real, be healed and get happy right away!
  • The power of facing their truth in order to move forward in true freedom every day!
  • The top behaviors they are doing that’s stealing their joy and keeping them stuck
  • How their pain is the key to their purpose and prosperity!

“I love your spirit and thank you for allowing God to use your testimony to empower women so they can grow and become who God created them to be.”

La’Mara Patrick

“I enjoyed her honesty! You can just see all of the amazing ways God is moving through her. I hope to hear from her again. After hearing Teresa speak I am ready to find myself and gain an even closer relationship with the Lord”.

Simfene Williams

“Really loved the break-off session, it’s a way to get through to the younger people these days by presenting and also allowing others to share. I enjoyed the experience and look forward to more! Now I am ready to make changes to become more mature and pure so that when the Kingdom of God has presented itself I am prepared.”

Marie McCallen


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I would love to speak and share a message that will transform, motivate, inspire and challenge your audience to live with intention, make purposeful decisions, overcome self-sabotaging habits, and prepare for their future so they can experience the reality of their life and love dreams!

My Signature Speaking Topics are outlined above. I hope you’ve had a chance to take a peek! Know that I always make it a priority to tailor these and other requested topics to your specific group demographics and needs to ensure the best experience for your audience!

Thank you for considering me as a speaker to impact lives at your upcoming event! Please click below and complete the Speaker Invitation Questionnaire. Following your submission, you will receive a response from a Truth2RenewHearts team member within 2-3 business days!

What others are saying

after hearing

Teresa Speak . . .

“After hearing Teresa speak I am ready to maintain and set new boundaries in future relationships!” – Ikeya Norris, Singles Workshop Attendee

“I thought this was a good experience, I now know that I can push myself to do better and I’m empowered to do great in life!” – Dominique P., Youth Empowerment Attendee

“I am so happy that God blessed you with the calling to write your book. I wish there had been this information before I married searching for someone else to fill an emptiness in my heart that only God could fill. Thank you for opening the minds of so many women seeking marriage.” – Leslie Valencia, Women’s Conference Attendee

“This made me think about shutting out people’s opinions of me and push myself to do what I put my mind to do, with no excuses.” – Anthony R., Youth Empowerment Attendee

“It’s time out for waiting on God because He’s waiting for me! It’s time to carry the plan out…no more excuses! After hearing Teresa speak I am ready to complete my book, perfect my music craft and be ALL who God called me to be!” – Terri Vee, Conference Attendee

“Glad I was able to make it! The topics really spoke to me and I am motivated to be more disciplined.” – Jasmine Porter, Singles Workshop Attendee

“No more excuses, it’s time for execution! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I am ready to put my hand to the plow and work my faith!” – Maya Wilkins, Conference Attendee

“Excellent presentation! I learned faith must be demonstrated and I am inspired to carry out the plan! I will not doubt, fear, or compare myself with others”. – Jan Newell-Byrd, Women’s Conference Attendee