Picture this…

Waking up to morning messages from ‘bae’ that melt your heart like the sun beaming down on a piece of milk chocolate

Strutting down the street in your stilettos (or pink Converses) without a doubt in your mind that you are the BOMB.com

Enjoying your life without limits, you are f-r-e-e…..and “loving me!” every second, every minute, of every day

Walking through the bright lights of cameras flashing and seeing your husband wipe his tears as he gazes at how beautiful and stunning you look in your wedding dress

Ahhh, Can you imagine that?

About 9 nine years ago, those dreams were mine too. I was anticipating and praying about having a man that would be “The One”. Someone who I could be myself with, share my life with, cuddle with, and have a family with so my #relationshipgoals would be my reality. I wanted to live a life where I was free to be me, and I no longer felt I needed to “put on” for people, but I would be true to myself, and love me completely and unapologetically!

Hello! I’m Teresa Renee Hunt.

Life-Makeover Strategist, Marriage Prep Mentor and Visionary of the Renewed Life & Wife Academy. Women turn to me when they want to transform their single life into a successful, attractive, baggage-free, beautiful, virtuous, lifestyle that attracts a down-on-one-knee, purpose-filled, intentional man who will put a ring on it and make them a wife! Not only do I work with the single sisters, but I also work with lady leaders, biz, beauties, and established wives who are ready and willing to not only have outward accolades and success, but also experience inner peace, fulfillment, and success in their personal lives and relationships!

Ultimately, I prepare and equip women to live authentically and love abundantly so they have the life they love and experience the love they desire and deserve!

Now let me tell you one important thing I’ve learned over the past 9 years. Desiring something in your life doesn’t bring it into fruition, nor does a desire make it happen. Instead, you must actually do the work. You must be committed to the process. You have to connect with others who are where you want to be who will advise, lead, guide, and support you while on your way to manifesting what you desire. Positioning and preparation is key.

And in the context of love, I’ve learned it’s one thing to DREAM of marriage, healthy relationships, and a fulfilled life but it’s another thing to actually PREPARE for it.

You can have a desire, but more importantly, you must align your desires to you your decision making while single so you can POSITION yourself to receive the answer to your prayers and POSITION yourself to be found a woman who is emotionally whole, mentally stable, spiritually mature, and sexually pure. 

I actually wrote a book for for you to do this! It’s below, and in it I share 13 + ways you can position and prepare yourself for the relationship of your dreams while also becoming the virtuous woman God purposed you to be! The book became a #1 Amazon Best Seller within the first 2 days of it’s release, and it is remains in the top 50 books of its category today, so you know it’s good! I can send you a personalized, signed copy when you order it here, so I encourage you to Grab your copy now.

So here’s the juice about my life, I am walking in the reality of my life and love dreams now, and life for me is totally AMAZING! I have a wonderful 6’2, honey brown, fine, talented, powerful, husband who loves and supports me unconditionally. With him, I’ve been blessed to have a fun, handsome-face, son who I completely adore! I am proud to teach, preach, and minister with my husband, and stand alongside him as he leads our family. I could go on and on about the highlights of my life and marriage because it’s just that good, but I want to let you know, life for me, wasn’t always this way.

My story is below…. (it’s the short version, but my life’s an “open book” so be sure to grab your copy above!)

As a Christian woman, a leader in the church, someone who women of all ages have looked up to, I secretly believed that I always needed to “have it altogether”.  I ended up being a ‘church girl’ who wore a smile, my make-up was on point, my shoe game was great, but my outer appearance served as an internal cover-up.

I was broken. I struggled with guilt. Shame. Regret. After all, the dating experiences and relationships that I believed were fulfilling, left me forsaking God. I was empty.  I often compromised my faith, my value, and allowed my emotions to lead me instead of biblical wisdom. I was sexually assaulted and raped as a teen, misused, I had low self-esteem, and I suffered in silence because I was afraid to speak up.

I grew up with life and love dreams, and after years of making a mess of my life-I finally transformed it life into what you see today! It’s a good thing I didn’t actually marry back then, because I would have carried a case full of baggage into the relationship. Recognizing that I needed to make some changes in my mindset, lifestyle, habits, and choices, I began to view my season of singleness as a time of preparation instead of a punishment or a license to do as I pleased while I waited for God to answer my prayers. Within a number of months my life changed completely!

As a woman living the wife-life, I understand the importance of Living Authentically so you can LOVE Abundantly. Living authentically is BEING REAL and walking in the fullness of who you’ve been created to be. My authentic calling is centered around sparking transformation in women’s lives by empowering them to be transparent. Transparency leads to healing and freedom, and when you are renewed, then you can live a fulfilled life and effectively reach your life goals, plus be ready for the love of your life, your husband.

Trust me, I know all about the power of preparation because my preparation process of going from broken to bride, and heartbreak to helpmate has been the saving-grace of my marriage! A marriage is only as healthy as the two people in it, and I’m so glad I started working on myself before I said “I DO”! Wheeww, my marriage wouldn’t be all I dreamed of if I hadn’t.

Now, I am passionate about euipping women for the life they love by breaking free of counterfeit living and crushing the image public success but inward self-sabotage so they can walk in the reality of their dreams! I also specialize in preparing women just like you for healthy relationships & marriage by transforming your life, renewing your mind, living purposefully and authentically so you love abundantly! If you are ready to make-over and redefine you life, or you are a single woman ready to prepare yourself even now to be a wife, I am looking forward to working with you! Be sure to visit the “Let’s Work” page and see how we can do this!

~Your Life-Makeover Strategist & Marriage Prep Mentor,

Teresa Renee


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Truth2RenewHearts Enterprises, LLC is a personal development, educational, and life empowerment firm established by Teresa Renee Hunt, M.Ed.

Truth2RenewHearts Enterprises, LLC is known for its (3) Propelling-Pillars of training, teaching, and life-transformation strategies tailored for women as they prepare and transition into new seasons of their lives.

The company’s mission is to help women have the life, love, and level of success they desire. By offering services such as coaching, consulting, programs, home-study courses, and transformational live-events, clients are equipped and prepared to walk in the reality of their life’s desires.  We specialize in life transformation and relationship empowerment as we provide support, accountability, training, and mentorship to women of all ages.

Truth2RenewHearts is committed to the development of:

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  • Women: Professional & Ministry Leaders

Truth2RenewHearts’ goals are to:

  • Educate and foster personal development & growth
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  • Evoke internal and lifestyle transformation and renewal
  • Empower women with dignity and purpose
  • Equip women for success in their lives and relationships

Our Vision:

Truth2RenewHearts’ vision is that women experience personal fulfillment as they attain the life, love, and level of success they desire!

Truth2RenewHearts Enterprises offers small/large group seminars, interactive workshops, individual or group mentoring & coaching, tele-seminars & conferences, and programming through the Renewed Life & Wife Academy and the Renewed & Ready4TheRing Movement!